Our Mission

Friends of Chamber Music brings music from diverse periods and cultures, performed by world-class musicians, to the Brazos Valley. Through concerts and outreach programs at area schools, we strive to enhance the cultural life of the community.

Board of Directors

Kay Dobbins

Jane Flaherty

Adena Imlay

Jim James

Hiroko Kitajima

Andreas Kronenberg, President

Bill Reynolds

Bill Rogers, President Emeritus

Ray Sanders

Artistic Director

Elena Reece

Our Sponsors

Friends of Chamber Music's programs are made possible in part through Hotel Tax Revenue funded from the City of College Station and the City of Bryan through the Arts Council of the Brazos valley and the Plass Arts Foundation.


Media & Corporate Support

Friends' Reviews


Karen & Michael Pilant

“Thank you for making great ‘live’ music available during the pandemic. You have really gotten this down to a science, with additional offerings such as interviews and … an upcoming baking show! We are looking forward to joining in as the ‘e-audience.’”

Valerie & David Woodcock

“What an amazing start to the 2021! The McGill- McHale Trio were spectacular, and as always, it was wonderful to eavesdrop on the Encore conversation. 

Thank you for years of enjoyment, and for the extraordinary expansion of the FOCM offerings made possible by technology. The circumstances of the need to explore these new ways of outreach are tragic, but they have surely introduced new audiences to music and made the connections between our regular audiences and the musicians deeper and more meaningful. We are surely looking forward to being together in person, for that is the nature of our humanity, but these new dimensions have brought special understanding and insight. The future for FOCM, as with other performing art groups, will surely see a combination of live and digital connections.”

Vita Pariente

“I really enjoyed the concert, probably more than I expected to. Seeing the musicians up close was fascinating. I wouldn't want to see/hear all concerts online, but there are definite advantages. Concert hall seats aren't all that comfortable and the temperatures are unpredictable. Plus, one has to drive, then park and walk to the hall regardless of weather. When I got tired, I just turned off the computer and came back the next day. Having been to many Friends of Chamber Music Concerts over the year, I could add the online experience to the memories of in-house concerts past.” 

Linda & Bill Rundell, to the FCM Board of Directors

"Thank you very much for your extraordinary work in programming a season of such exceptional concerts and making them so attractively accessible to all in our community. In these times, this is as close as it gets to assuaging the hunger for live music."


Susan Irza

[...] the Chanticleer program [...] was outstanding, and just as good as the wonderful piano program before it. FCM has a second digital home run. We are lucky to have FCM in BCS.

Happy Holidays.

Linda Rundell

[...] congratulations also on the successful Chanticleer concert.  

Best Wishes for 2021 ahead!

Peter Witt

Concert was truly wonderful. The program was varied and interesting. The setting they chose made for a delightful venue.  We really appreciate you bringing this wonderful performance to us.

Joseph P. Armon, Jr.

“[...] the performance was unbelievably magnificent, and the discussion afterward pulled the experience together with the Armenian history and real life of the group and commitment to excellence.” Thank you.

Linda Rundell

“I would like to congratulate the committee for having put together a most ambitious and interesting program. The Goldberg variations concert was excellent and stands out from other "virtual" performances by being so personalized. Bravo!”


Tarja Huuskonen

Hello. I only now discovered you. Thank you very much for bringing Juho to our homes. I am from Finland, but live in CA. I also have [...] “ music for the brain” as part of my not for profit. I am a brain aneurysm survivor [...]. [...] this concert, I posted on my personal FB. And already received a comment from another survivor. Music can have a great healing effect on the brain! Happy Season to You! 


Jerry and Cathy Loving

“We heard the Bach arrangement today. Simply breathtaking! Congrats on such a splendid program.” 

Achim and Mariam Stoessel

"I must say that Juho's performance was very impressive, the music beautiful, and the recording highly professional. I did not expect it to turn out that well. Many thanks to […] you for your contributions to turning this into a major success!"

Susan Irza

“Congratulations on the Pohjonen virtual concert. It is a triumph! FCM is leading the way in this difficult time to keep concerts alive. I've been a FCM supporter for a long time and [...] this brings new life and vitality to the whole enterprise. Well done!”

Felicia Piscitelli

“This is wonderful! Mr. Pohjolen is an excellent pianist. Since he is not using the damper pedal much, the textures are very clear and easy to follow. I tuned in for the premiere on Saturday and am listening to it again, which, of course, is possible in this online format.

Something that might make you laugh: I have a cat who, apparently, likes piano music. Whenever I try to play my spinet at home, she jumps onto the keyboard and "plays" tone clusters. Anyway, she listened to the whole concert on my lap on Saturday, and again now.

Thanks to you, Mr. Pohjolen, and the Friends of Chamber Music for bringing this concert, and the interview with Andreas and Brett. Truly a treat!”

Linda and Paul Parrish

“The concert was superb and the after talk (“Encore”) was engaging and enlightening.

We’ve thought occasionally during these challenging times that there are a few benefits we get from the virtual world we live in.  In this case, for example, if the concert had been in First Pres it would no doubt have been wonderful, but we would not likely have been able to attend and there wouldn’t have been the extensive discussion you, Andreas, and Brett were able to have with the performer.

Well done!”

Peter Witt

"The concert was spectacular... the informality of the setting fit our current worldwide situation...the playing was fluid...time passed so quickly, which was amazing given the length of the piece...it was a joy to take time away from the here and now to be transported for over an hour to a place of wonder and listening/viewing pleasure. Thank you so much for enabling this concert to be available."

Jan and Bill Johnson 

“Thanks for all your work [...]. We are enjoying the concert now.”

Valerie and David Woodcock

“Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for the brilliant […] Variations last night. Juho is as much a videographer and designer as he is a pianist . . .brilliant all round. The discussion afterward was delightful, good conversation at its best. Of course, we all miss the reality of personal contact, but you created the next best thing and a truly inspiring experience.”


Judy Hart

“The concert was wonderful!”


William Rogers

“Thank you for your vision and great dedication that resulted in a wonderfully satisfying Friends of Chamber Music concert [...] of J. S. Bach’s iconic Goldberg Variations followed by a scintillating discussion with the outstanding young pianist.

The combination of online concert and following discussion with access over two weeks should attract a large following for the remaining concerts of the 25th season. 

Congratulations on a stellar first concert!”

Mila Mogilevsky

“Juho was amazing! And I also enjoyed your […] conversation with him. You are doing such a great and important job for our town!”

Jane Stowell

“Congratulations on the wonderful concert.  It was so well done!  What a delight to watch!  Juho was amazingly relaxed!  The Encore had a fun quality that was reminiscent of the post-concert conversations found at our receptions!  I am looking forward to all of FCM’s online concerts.”

Gregory Brown

“It's beautiful! Bravi tutti everyone at FCM.

[…] You all ought to be very proud. These are such strange times to be a concert presenter, and I think this is a beautiful way to keep the music alive.”