K E Y S   FOR   P I A N O

We ask your help in covering the rental expense of $2500. 

You can buy a single key or as many keys as you want, an octave, 
or even an entire keyboard!

A Concert Grand Piano features full seven octaves, plus a few other notes:
52 white keys and 36 black keys.

Buy a key, either ivory or ebony            $25
Buy 5 ebony keys of one octave            $125
Buy 7 ivory keys of one octave            $175
Buy an octave, all 12 keys, ivory and ebony    $300
Buy entire keyboard, all 88 keys            $2200

O R  S I M P L Y  M A K E  A  D O N A T I O N
Concert Grand Piano, Model D, 9 ft

This is what we want for Daniel Hsu, the Bronze Medal Winner and the youngest of the Cliburn’s 2017 laureates, at his Solo Recital in the Friends of Chamber Music series this Fall!

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Every contribution counts, and your effort will benefit the local community

Financial contributions in the form of a check may be mailed to:

Friends of Chamber Music

P.O. Box 4648

Bryan, TX 77805-4648

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Friends of Chamber Music,

PO Box 4648, Bryan, TX 77805-4648

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