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Student Volunteers!

Fall 2022 Friends of Chamber Music (FCM) Student Volunteer Information

We are delighted that you want to work with us to put on these special concerts by world-class musicians.  Your tasks for the concerts are quite simple, but extremely important.  They enhance the professional quality of these musical programs for the community, and they give you an up-close-and-personal look at what goes into presenting something as enjoyable as a 21st-century concert of classical music.

Let’s Work Together!

Instructions for Applying as a (TAMU) Student Volunteer


Read the information listed for each concert below. Then sign-up for one or more concerts by clicking the EMAIL button to email the following information to FCM Community Outreach Coordinator.

  • Your name

  • Your email address

  • A phone # that can send and receive text messages

  • T-shirt size (FCM will give you a Free T-shirt onsite the night of the concert to wear for the event.  You may keep the T-shirt!) 

  • Date(s) of the concert(s) at which you want to volunteer. You can sign for multiple concerts. We appreciate working with returning volunteers!


After we receive your email, with all the information listed above, we will send you confirmation of acceptance of your application to volunteer for one or more concerts. 

Thursday, September 29, 2022, 7 pm

New Jazz Star: Samara Joy, voice 

Ben Paterson, piano; Paul Sikivie, bass; Evan Sherman, drums

Rudder Theater, 401 Joe Routt Blvd, College Station, TX 77840


Thursday, November 17, 2022, 7 pm

Viano String Quartet

A & M Methodist Church, 417 University Dr, College Station, TX 77840

Tuesday, February 7, 2023, 7 pm

Legendary Violinist Midori, Solo Recital

Rudder Theater, 401 Joe Routt Blvd, College Station, TX 77840


Tuesday, March 21, 2023, 7 pm

Christian Schmitt, Organ (Germany)

A & M Methodist Church, 417 University Dr, College Station, TX 77840


Saturday, April 22, 2023, 5 pm

Mario Aschauer, harpsichord & Harmonia Stellarum Houston

First Presbyterian Church, 1100 Carter Creek Pkwy, Bryan, 77802



Students will:  

  • Arrive at the concert venue 1.5 hours prior to the concert.

  • Finish volunteer assignments approximately 2.5 hours from the start of the concert.

  • Meet the Contact Person for student volunteers in the venue lobby.

  • Give your Volunteer Verification Form to FCM Community Outreach Coordinator for signing.

  • Obtain onsite directions, T-Shirt and name tag from FCM Community Outreach Coordinator.

  • Students will be assigned to one or more of the following teams:  

    • Social Media Team:  Students will use their cell phones to record interviews with the attendees and take pictures and post them on FCM’s Instagram during the concert.

    • Data Management Team: Students will collect tickets; hand out programs and surveys; escort patrons in wheelchairs or walkers to the designated seating areas;  conduct a headcount of audience attendance shortly before intermission and give the count to Outreach Coordinator; collect surveys and enter the data into an online form.


Student Dress Code

  • Black skirt or slacks    

  • FCM T-shirt (given at concert)

  • FCM name tag (given at concert)    

  • Out of respect for the safety of musicians and patrons, masks will be worn as conditions deem it prudent.

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